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We at InvernessPainters.co.uk   pride ourselves on Quality and Customer Satisfaction...   Thats why you dont pay a penny until you are fully Satisfied!!!!!

We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local jobs to major builds, and everything in between.

We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.

Below is the type of breakdown quote you may receive from us if you wish

The works are inclusive of:

Dust sheeting:-             *all walkways and working areas including staircase with clean, good quality  dust sheets 

Stripping wallpaper:-     *stripping done using professional quality steam stripper

                                    *walls washed of old paste

Preparing all walls by :- *detecting holes, defects, bad seam joins of previous wallpaper 

                                   *filling larger holes primarily with a fast set base filler (gyproc fastset)

                                   *filling smaller holes and second coating larger holes with a ready mix finish                      filler

                                   *A third coat would be used for best results on large defects

                                   *sanding to a smooth finish of all filled areas

                           *  ****The above is suitable to leave a good well finished job,  but if client has                             demanded absolute superior quality an extra walk round to perfect any blemishes left is appropriate as it is an old building and has existing lining paper

Preparing wood by:-   *Sanding down all previously painted wood and dusting down

(doors skirtings etc)    *priming all bear wood

                                  *rubbing down primed wood and dusting down

                                  *puttying nail holes and using wood filler where appropriate

                                  *caulking internal angles of wood, paying particular attention to door beadings and facings, tops of skirtings and new sills.

                                  *undercoating all wood

                                  *rubbing down all undercoated wood and dusting down

                                  *applying finish product to wood (eggshell)

                         *  ****The above is suitable to leave a good well finished job,  but as the client has demanded absolute superior quality an extra rubdown and coat of eggshell to the wood would be appropriate  considering the quality of the building

Hanging of wallpaper:-   *All wallpaper hanging in done by a specialist 

                                     *paperhanger will always have an experienced paster on hand. Benefits include; paster notes  soaking times of each pasted length ensuring correct soak-age is reached, pastor cuts and sizes  and pastes all lengths giving paperhanger ability of full concentration,  paperhanger can be handed various tools without coming of scaffold

                                     *As the paperhanger and paster have worked together many many times before the experience of knowing how each other work is absolutely beneficial

                                     *Zero Tolerance of laxed attitude! If its not right it comes down and a new one goes up.

Coating of ceilings:-      * Caulk any crack in ceiling, ceiling rose and cornice

                                    * One coat matt white emulsion

Coating of walls:-          *Two coats of coloured emulsion to previously prepared walls

Clean up:-                     *everything dusted and cleaned daily

                                    *top model industrial hoover 'filter Queen' can even perfume the air while          hoovering if desired!

                                    *we will remove wallpaper and take it to the dump

I only let time-served decorators who are a good hand work for me


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for you being open about what you actually want,  And are understanding of the extra work necessary to get an older property to a high spec.

(Painter and Decorator in Inverness,  Highlands,  Scotland)

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